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Our passion behind serving authentic Yucatán dishes!

The owner of this Corazon Maya, Manuel, started his career in the food industry at the young age of 15 years old. Manuel worked hard to go from being a busboy to a prep-cook, pastry chef, and now a business owner of his food truck. 

Manuel has spent many years mastering his skills to provide high-quality, affordable, and authentic Yucatán food. In addition, Manuel has taken his love for his culture and infused it into traditional dishes. 

Manual offers his customers the chance to experience traditional Yucatán dishes using secret family recipes that date back generations. Manuel also takes pride in assuring that the ingredients used to prepare his dishes are fresh and authentic to the Yucatán tradition. 

Manuel's mission is to make the Yucatán gastronomy better known and loved by the communities he serves.  

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